How to Add a New Filter

Encircle is introducing Inbox Filtering as a new feature to the Property Claims Inbox.

The filter highlighted in orange lets you know which filter is currently on. Click  No Filter to turn all the filters off

When you first log into the Property Claims Inbox, you will see All Claims by default. However, you can customize what you see in your inbox by using filters. Currently, claims can be filtered by the following parameters*:

Date claim creation Shared Users
Insurance Company
Policyholder Name
Policyholder Email
Claim Status: Open or Closed
Item: Untriaged or Needs Pricing
Mitigation Statuses
Contents Statuses
Rebuild Statuses
Only My Claims
To only see claims that are shared with you, click the  Filter button in the top right corner.
The  Add a Filter box will open. Under  Context, click  Only My Claims. Under  Status, select  Claim Status and Open .
Then click the  Add Filter button.
To edit a filter, click on the  pencil  icon beside the word “Filters” in the top left corner.
The Edit Filter box will open. Under  Name , you can rename the filter. You can also change the parameters. Once you are finished updating the filter, click  Save and then click  Done.