Overview of the Encircle Desk Web App

This article provides a high-level overview of the features on the Encircle Desktop Web App.

1. In the middle, the Claims Inbox.

2. You'll notice there are four job management columns that allow you to easily set a status for each job type: Mitigation, Moisture, Contents and Rebuild. The job statuses can also be set from the mobile app.

3. You can create custom filters for the  Claim Inbox. You can sort on most claim fields and even create your own custom job statuses.

4. Adding a claim is simple and fast. The Encircle web app walks you through the call intake process in simple methodical steps to help you capture critical information.

5. Easily send a link to the policyholder via text or email to get videos and images of the loss directly from the policyholder and signed documents, without them having to download or install an app. It's all instant.

6. Get notified when a policyholder sends video, images and signs documents.

7. Once in the claim, you can quickly switch to alternate views to focus on different aspects of the job in order to be less distracting.

The Encircle Team