How Does Encircle Charge?

The term “file” in this article refers to claims, inspections, and inventories (properties) as the concept is the same across all Encircle products. “Media” refers to photos, videos, sketches, items, reports, media exports, moisture readings, etc; in essence, all the “stuff” you use Encircle for. In other words, “media” can be thought of as any consumption of features within a file.

Using Encircle Commercially (Encircle Product: Encircle Claims, Encircle Inspections, Encircle Inventory Pro)

Encircle operates on a pay-per-use model. So as a general rule of thumb, if you create a file and do anything other than delete it quickly, the file will incur a charge, with the exception of files created during the free trial period.

Note that files created under Encircle Inspections and Encircle Inventory Pro are charged on a yearly basis as the file continues to be modified year after year. Simply put, any new media added to the file during each new 12 month billing period will trigger a new charge for the year. If no new media is added during the 12 month billing period, no new charges will occur.

Using Encircle for Home Inventory

The Encircle Inventory product for homeowners allows for up to 2 free properties that remain free for life.

Find more information about selecting the right Encircle product here.

Out-of-Organization Shares

Encircle users are encouraged to share files with adjusters, appraisers, and a number of other professionals participating in the claim or inspection process. As such, it’s important to know that Encircle charges each organization for access to the file, as everyone gets value from using Encircle to contribute to it.

Accepting a file shared to you from a user outside of your organization (account) will incur our standard per-file charge (with the exception of shares accepted during the free trial period). The party on the receiving end of the share will be notified via email that accepting the share will incur this charge. Users shared on the file will also see the assignment show up in their inbox and will be prompted to confirm acceptance of the share before being charged (see sample messages below).

For any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at

The message below is emailed to the recipient of the "share".

he message below appears when opening the shared file on your mobile device and Web app.