Why does the app say "My Account is Suspended"?

If you see this screen within your mobile app, your account has been suspended for non-payment. This occurs when a bill becomes overdue. To resolve the problem, please contact your Encircle administrator.

To minimize interruption to your work in progress, you can bypass the suspension for 24 hours by entering the text in the box as shown in the image below. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

To stay on top of billing notifications and avoid account suspensions due to overdue bills, you can follow some simple best practices:

  • Make sure at least one org admin has “Receive Billing Emails” enabled under Account Settings. We send several email reminders to all org admins between the time a bill is issued and when it becomes overdue (initially-due, 7-days-until-overdue, 1-day-until-overdue, and overdue).
  • If your company has designated billing personnel who do not use Encircle, you can set them up as additional billing contacts under Billing so that all invoice reminder emails are sent to them as well.