Troubleshooting How To Merge Claims

If you are running into trouble merging claims this article will provide some of the common reasons you could hit a snag.  At any time, don't hesitate to reach out for help!

The matching claim is not showing up in the merge claims dialog

The most common cause of this problem is that we automatically restrict the time window for merging claims to four (4) weeks.  This is to reduce the risk that you accidentally merge claims together from a year ago or 3 months ago.  If you are trying to merge claims that are older than 4 weeks together then just contact us at for help.

Your claim has multiple structures.

Claims usually have a single structure (e.g. house, apartment, building, etc) but in certain scenarios users will choose to create a claim with multiple structures either to handle division of tasks (e.g. mitigation vs. contents vs. rebuild) or to separate multiple buildings (e.g. stand alone garage vs. the house).  The merge claims feature within Encircle doesn't handle multiple structure claims so you need to reach out for help to get us to merge it for you.