How to Send additional Links

Sometimes you may have a need to send more than one Link. This may be due to multiple contacts on the site or perhaps wanting to have a sub-trade report on their work via Link.

To send an additional Link or one not intended for the Policyholder: 

  1. In the Overview, (left menu section of the claim), scroll down to the Link section.
  2.  Click Add Link.  The Link Setup window will appear.
  3. Select the Link Delivery Method to send the link either by email or text message.
  4. Ensure the recipient email or mobile phone is entered, depending on which method you will use to send the link.
  5. Select or the Room(s) you want the recipient to photograph. 
  6. Click Save and Send. 

The Link will be sent. Please note additional links, described here, will not provide alerts and notifications.