Basic Contents Process

        Learn how to quickly document items with your mobile device.

        Documenting Contents is easy a fast. Follow this basic flow:

        1. Open the affected area room and tap the Add Items button.

        2.The camera will open, frame the item and press the Camera Button

        3.Tap the Details Button and enter details as required by your process.

        1. Item Description - be as descriptive as possible
        2. Select a cleaning Disposition from the list.
        3. Tap the Box Name field to enter/select a Box Name / ID
          • Enter your initials or the room name in the field at the top. (Do Not Press Done)
          • Select the first numerical sequence from the list. This ID should be written on the actual box label.
          • Tap to select the Box Type.
        4. Enter additional information as needed
          1. You can photograph the Model /Serial by pressing the button.
        5. Tap the Notes button to add additional photos or notes about pre-existing conditions.
          1. Select Photo Note.
          2. The camera opens, take as many photos as needed tapping Add, when finished tap Done.
          3. Enter a Title and Description if desired for the note.
        6. Tap Save
        7. Tap ADD to add the next item and repeat.