First View of The Claim File

Viewing Room Images

When you first open the claim you will see the Home Screen.  If you have already used Link to obtain images from the property owner you will see as is point 1.

1. Tap on the Room to open it to view the images.

2. You can "swipe" or tap the chevron to scroll the image gallery.

3. You can tap on an image in the gallery to open it to full-screen view.

Viewing Documents

1. Tap on the "Documents" icon. A list of all documents in the claim will appear.

2. Tap on the document to open. Several options are possible for this document.

3. Tap View PDF. The document preview will appear. This document viewer is loaded by your phone. When finished, return to the Encircle app.

Viewing Special Notes/Team Communications

In our Baseline Training Workflow, we discuss the technique to use Text Notes in a Room like Exterior to pass on to the field staff.

1. Tap on Exterior to open the room.

2. If notes have been added you will see a number in the Notes Tab, tap on it to view the notes.

3. Tap the Home icon at the bottom of the page to return to the Home Screen.