How to Ensure You Have the Current Rev

To help you get the most out of our Scoping tools be sure to update the Encircle Mobile App to the latest version.

Version 4.3.2 introduced significant improvements to the way documents save data during editing. These improvements protect against data loss in the event of the app crashing or being closed while in the middle of editing a document.

Not sure what version of the app you are running? Here’s how to check:
1. Click the menu in the top left corner.
2. Select Settings and then tap Version Information.
3. Your app version will be displayed in the Package Version section.

Need to update your app?
1. Open the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your device and search for “ Encircle”.
2. If an update is available, you’ll see an “update” button off to the side of the app; tap it to update the app.

Pro Tip:
Avoid having multiple users working in the scope sheet at the same time. We also recommend keeping edits to one user at a time or making multiple (separate) documents.