Getting Started with New Moisture: 4 Easy Steps

This series of short videos is formated for your phone so you can learn the basic steps of using new moisture. In order to keep these sessions short and simple, we do not explain every possible function in this section.

The first section covers how to set up and use the moisture for all readings and use a sketch or photo of a drawing to map moisture points for material measurement logging and placement of equipment on the sketch.

Step 1 - Initial setup, take initial "air", (psychrometric), readings. Some times referred to as Drying Environment, Chamber, or Atmosphere.

Step 2 - Use the calculator tools to calculate the required dehumidifiers for the drying environment/ atmosphere and air movers for the affected areas or rooms.

Step 3 - Create a moisture map. Add moisture points and setup dry standards.

Step 4 - Place equipment, (dehumidifiers, air movers and scrubbers), on the job using the moisture map.

Going back and taking daily readings. This session has the technician in mind where they can quickly access the pages in the app to update the various measurement logs.

Moving and Removing Equipment. A quick how-to move or remove individual devices or "all" devices.

Reports- A very fast demonstration on how to create Moisture Summary, Moisture Full and Moisture Equipment reports.