Bearer Token

To get started using the Encircle API, you need a bearer token so that the API will give you access to your organization's data.

Create your bearer token

1. To create your own bearer token simply log into the Encircle app on your desktop ( and click Settings. You MUST be an organization administrator to create a bot.

2. Click on Bots (Public API).

3. Click Create Bot.

4. Click Create Bot Session.  You now have a bearer token that will give your software access to your Encircle organization.  If you require a single bearer token for a complex organization (e.g. your company has multiple Encircle organizations) please contact for help.

Voila!  Now you can copy your bearer token and start using it to access the Encircle API! 

NOTE: The bearer token allows for access to your company's information within Encircle.  It is a secret and should be guarded as such.