Encircle Link with Notifications

Share a link to capture photos, videos, and remote signatures at the First Notice of Loss. Receive a notification letting you know when items have been added.

Highlights: From the claim overview screen you can easily Share a Link with the policyholder. You will see a live update as photos and videos are uploaded and documents are signed. You will also receive alerts and notifications when the policyholder uploads media and signs documents.

COVID-19 Support: With increased awareness of safety requirements and physical distancing, Encircle Link, aids carriers, contractors, and independent adjusters to receive photos and documents thus minimizing risk.

Link with Notifications: Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the short introduction video to see the new Link feature in action.

How to guide the policyholder to take photos and sign documents

Basic Instructions

Anytime after creating the claim, you will be able to Share the Link with the policyholder. 

From the Overview Section click Share on the Link box and follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select Email or SMS (text message), as a method to share the link. You can leave both selected and the policyholder will then have a record of the link activity. 

  2. Ensure the phone is a mobile phone if sending via SMS (text).

  3. By default, a room named "Policyholder Photos & Videos" is created so as to keep images from the policyholder separate from your technician photos. 

  4. Click Generate Report, to add a document such as a COVID form or Work Authorization to the link for remote signatures.

Finally, click Save & Send.  The link will be delivered and you'll receive notifications when the policyholder takes photos and signs documents.

Alerts will pop up on your screen to indicate an update or action.

Notifications will appear in the top right corner of the application and bottom center on mobile.

Link with Notifications FAQ

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Does the policyholder need to download an app to upload photos and share documents? No they don’t. They simply need to click on the link from the text message they receive and it will open up in their default browser. 

Is there an additional fee for using Link with notifications? Nope! It is included in the price you pay per file. It is one of the features we're most proud of so we want to encourage teams to use it more!

Why didn’t I receive notifications when I sent Link to the policyholder on the web app? If you did not receive notifications, it’s likely because you set up Link using the older “regular” method. To receive notifications you must share Link on the web app using the box at the top of the claim overview page that says “Gain Remote Visibility with the Policyholder”. If you set up Link using the older method lower down on the overview page, or if you set it up on mobile, you will not receive the notifications. 

Will I receive push notifications when I’m not using the app? No, currently we only offer in-app notifications on both mobile and web. 

Can I share Link to the policyholder from the mobile app? Regular Link can still be shared with the policyholder via the mobile app, but you will not receive notifications. You will only receive notifications when Link is shared using the “Gain Remote Visibility with the Policyholder” card at the top of the claim overview on the web app. 

Why is Encircle separating Link shared with the policyholder from the regular Link? Link shared with the Policyholder is designed specifically for improving the First Notice of Loss process by making it as easy as possible to share Link with the policyholder and review their photos. When Link is shared using the “Gain Remote Visibility with the Policyholder” card at the top of the claim overview, Encircle will automatically create and select a “Policyholder Photos” room. This allows for quick setup and easy separation of policyholder photos and contractor photos. Once Link is shared with the policyholder, you will receive notifications informing you when the policyholder uploads photos and signs documents. There is also a dedicated page to the content shared with the policyholder, accessible by clicking on the notifications or on the card at the top right of the claim overview. We’ve kept the regular Link there to be used when sending Link to sub-trades.  

Can more than one Link be shared with the Policyholder- one to each spouse? No, Links can only be shared with one policyholder. However, one spouse could forward the URL provided in the text to the other spouse. As long as they have  the URL provided in the text message they will be able to upload photos and sign documents 

What do you do when a Link shared with the policyholder was sent to the wrong phone number? Click Edit Share on the card at the top of the claim overview page, modify the phone number, then hit Save & Send. You will receive a prompt to confirm. This will then resend the Link to the correct phone number, and the old phone number will no longer have access to the Link. If an email was also provided, it will send a new link to the email address. 

How can the policyholder keep a record of the photos taken and the documents I signed? We suggest providing the policyholder’s email address so that the Link can be sent to both their phone number and email. This way, the policyholder will have a permanent record of the link in their email inbox that can be opened at any time to view their photos and documents

Can Links shared with the Policyholder be sent to a home phone number? No, Links shared with the Policyholder must be sent to a mobile phone number. 

Will Link text be sent in French? No. The text message will be in English, but the Link interface that the policyholder sees will be translated if their phone locale is in French or Spanish.  

Can I change what is sent in the text to the policyholder? Your name and company can be changed from the settings page. The rest of the text message cannot be changed. 

What scenarios do notifications occur? There are 5 different types of notifications:

  1. Link successfully sent
  2. Policyholder started uploading photos
  3. Policyholder finished uploading photos
  4. Document signed
  5. All link tasks complete

What’s the difference between an alert and notification? Alert refers to the message that pops up in the bottom left of the screen. Notification refers to the message that appears in the notification menu, accessible via the bell icon in the top right of the screen. Alerts disappear after 15 seconds, but these alerts live permanently as notifications in the notification menu. 

Who gets the alerts and notifications? The pop-up alerts that appear in the bottom left of your screen are only received by the user that shared Link with the policyholder. Notifications that are found in the notification menu in the top right of your screen are received by all users shared on the claim at the time that the notification occured. If all Link actions were completed prior to a user being shared on the claim, then the user will not receive any notifications,

Why do I only see the most recent notification for a claim’s Link shared with the policyholder in the notification menu? We group notifications to make it easier to see the most recent activity on all Links shared with the policyholder. If you would like to see the earlier notifications for a specific Link shared with the policyholder, simply click the chevron “>” symbol to expand the group of notifications. 

Will notifications be sent for regular Links sent to sub-trades? No. Currently, the notifications are only offered for the Link shared with the policyholder

Can turn alerts be turned off? No, currently we do not offer the ability to turn notifications off.