Encircle Link Now Supports Video!

Having the policyholder send you videos about their loss provides you with more comprehensive visual data to add context you don’t always get with photos alone.

Now the policyholder can use their smartphone to become an extension of your team and remotely capture FNOL video, photos, and sign documents to get their claim moving quickly. No scheduling required. You simply send them a link so they can start documenting whenever it’s convenient. By empowering the policyholder to take video and narrate the damage, you get a complete view of the loss in their words, to help you make decisions faster and more accurately before you arrive on site. 

There is nothing new for you to do. Just inform the policyholder they can select videos or photos when their camera is open. (On Android they may need to select video just prior to the camera opening).

When the policyholder has completed their video you will see it alongside the photos and documents that were sent.

This provides real value and will help:

  • Improve efficiency from FNOL to payout
  • Faster damage assessment at lower cost
  • Reduce the time to manage a claim
  • Real-time documentation of the loss/ proof of loss
  • Increase customer satisfaction