Moisture Equipment Page Helps You Manage Equipment on a Claim.

June 1, 2020

Moisture Equipment Page

With the latest update to moisture for the desktop web app, we now support the ability to view all equipment on the job, and updating certain information from the web.

The equipment page for the web app now lists all of the equipment used within a specific claim, as well as the following possibilities for editing:

  • SEARCH for a specific piece of equipment. On a large claim where 200 air movers and 30 dehumidifiers are deployed, you can quickly locate a device.
  • DELETE a piece of equipment.  This is equipment that was added to the job by accident (e.g. typically the wrong piece of equipment) and it should not show up in the job anymore.  
  • ADD/EDIT the time and date when the equipment was removed from the job.
  • EDIT the time and date when the equipment was added to the job.


  1. Click on the Moisture section.
  2. Click on the Equipment section.
  3. Select All or Selected for "group" actions to change Date installed, Date Removed, or Delete.
  4. Directly edit Installed, Removed dates, or Delete.
  5. Search field to locate a specific device by Asset, Location, Type or Model, or Installed By.
  6. Click the Activity Icon to see the history of this device on this claim.