Moisture Alerts and Communications

Watch the video below for a complete demonstration of how to utilize the moisture notification function.

After saving your reading, the mobile app will alert you if the dehumidifier reading is outside of normal operating conditions.

At this point, you can tap to take 1 of 2 actions:

Ask for Help:  Start communication with another team member to get advice.

  1. Tap Ask for Help. Enter the question or reason you need help.
  2. Tap Send To to select a team member from the list to ask for help.
  3. Enter your question and press Send.

You will see a "  Send Confirmation" The recipient will be notified of your request along with the reference reading. They will be able to reply to your help request directly and you will be notified.

The Encircle Mobile app will help to resolve a dehumidifier problem reading by providing communication workflows to senior team members and replacement workflows.

Take Action:  This will allow you to assign a task of "replacing the dehumidifier" to yourself or someone else.

Select a team member or yourself as an assignee. The app will create a notification that acts as a reminder to the assignee to do the replacement.

When you are ready to do the replacement, tap on the notification and the app will guide through the replacement process.