Using The Matterport Integration

Restoration Contractors and Field Adjusters can now associate the 3D Matterport models they generate with an Encircle claim. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, you can now view those 3D models and even include them in the Encircle PDF report to create a compelling visual showcase of the claim.

Having the Matterport model accessible from the Encircle claim, you can now tell a complete story about the claim. Matterport 3D models allow you or key stakeholders to revisit the site virtually and take measurements if needed. This supporting information augments the photos, videos, sketches, and notes taken within Encircle. Once the Matterport model is linked to an Encircle claim, anyone shared on the claim can view it on the web with the Matterport viewer, or simply open the Matterport web viewer on their mobile device.  A link to view the Matterport model is even added automatically to the Encircle PDF report.

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What can you do with it?

  • From Encircle (web), you are able to associate a Matterport model to a room; a room can have multiple Matterport Models associated with it.
  • From Encircle (web and mobile), you can launch and view a Matterport model within Matterport’s viewer. 
  • From Encircle (web and mobile), you can create an Encircle PDF file which will include a link to the Matterport model
  • From the Encircle PDF Report, stakeholders can launch and view the Matterport model.

How to setup Matterport on the claim:

  1. Open the room that you want to place the Matterport model.
  2. Scroll down to the Matterport Models section and click Add Matterport Model.
  3. A page will open showing a shortlist (15), of all available Matterport Spaces on your account.
    1. You can search for a specific space using keywords such as "homeowner", "address", etc. be sure to use full words.
  4. Click on a Matterport Space to associate it with the claim.
  5. Click Add Model.
  6. You can open the Matterport space by clicking on the thumbnail. A Matterport viewer will open with the normal navigation options.

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