Encircle Customer Visual Training Guide

Welcome to Encircle! We will make this as painless as possible and provide you with essential information to get your team up and running with Encircle.

This training program outlines the various courses that are available for both self-directed and instructor-led training. Note that these are basic guides and do not cover every feature or operation. Direct training with our customer success managers along with the use of the help system is more comprehensive.

You can click on a section to download it or download the entire (zipfile) package here.

Course Index and Intro Video

Encircle Administrators
  • Org settings & Branding
  • Managing Users
  • Custom Lists
  • Forms & Documents
  • Payment Setup
  • Room Templates
  • Dispositions
  • Custom Boxes
  • Job Status
  • Equipment
  • Administrators, Owners,  45 min
    Call Intake-Web Basics
    • Navigating the Claim Inbox
    • Adding a Claim
    • Creating signable forms
    • Sending Link to get remote images/video and signatures
  • Reviewing the visual information
  • Adding notes
  • Sharing with team members
  • Claim Admin, Owners,PM,  60 min
    Mobile Basics
    • Navigating Encircle mobile Claim Inbox
    • Opening a file
  • How to find specific information
  • PM, Field Staff 15 min
    Basic documentation using Encircle Mobile
    • Accepting an assignment
    • Viewing the preliminary information
    • Adding Overview Photos
    • Adding Room/ Topic-specific notes
    • Adding Videos
    • Adding Floor plans and Sketches
    • Options for daily notes
  • Viewing, creating and signing documents
  • Creating reports
  • PM, Field Staff 60 min
    Moisture (Mobile)
    • Overview of the process
    • Moisture Maps
    • Dehu and Air Mover Calculations
    • Psychrometrics
    • Moisture points & Dry Standards
    • Adding & Updating Equipment
  • Reports
  • Removing Equipment
  • Managing from the Web app
  • PM, Water Techs 60 min
    • Overview of the process
    • Listing items - with photos and notes
    • Categories/Dispositions
    • Boxing procedures
    • Box Locations
  • Reports 
  • Managing from the Web app
  • PM, Contents Techs 60 min
    • Overview of the scoping process
    • Creating the scope document 
  • Editing and copying
  • Reviewing the document on Web
  • PM, Estimators, Field Techs 30 min