New Policyholder Link for Mobile

Policyholder Link has hit mobile! Now you can seamlessly send the Policyholder a Link to obtain remote images, videos, and document signatures directly from mobile with just one tap. 

This makes it super simple and fast to get valuable information to and from the policyholder during the first interaction be in the office or the field.

It's so simple we can show you how right here. (Add any documents to be signed first)

1. Simply tap the Share button. You'll see the Policyholder Share screen.

2. Tap the Orange Share button.

3. Ensure the policyholder email and mobile phone number are correct. (Only one is required). 

Note: A room called "Policyholder Photos & Videos" is automatically created and selected for you. You can add additional rooms, but typically this one room is ideal to capture all policyholder media.

4. Tap to add any documents that you have already created.

5. Tap the Share text to send

6. Tap X to close. You'll receive notifications when the Policyholder starts uploading photos, videos, and signs documents.